Wheelchair Enhancement Center Director Don Fredette discusses wheelchair electronic communication tools with resident.

The Boston Home’s Wheelchair Enhancement Center opened in 2012 to extend to clients the Boston Home’s deep expertise in maximizing wheelchair functionality. The Center’s clients, who live in the community or other long term care facilities, receive customized enhancements for their wheelchairs to increase comfort and personal independence, both of which are essential to their quality of life. The Center provides cost effective solutions in a timely manner. Staff members also provide referral information to seating clinics and other therapy services for clients.

For individuals who rely on power wheelchairs, comfort and functionality are critically important. Customization might include attaching an iPad or reprogramming the drive software for improved control.

Watch this video to see Don Fredette and a client discuss the services at The Boston Home’s Wheelchair Enhancement Center.

Supporting personal independence through technology

The Wheelchair Enhancement Center at The Boston Home fills a necessary gap between what insurance and warranties will cover and the expanding customization desired by users. The Center’s staff members have a deep understanding of the user’s needs and can offer creative solutions. Because services are provided on a fee basis, the client can specify what they want and need, without being restricted by insurance rules or the equipment’s warranty coverage.

 Services Offered Include

Wheelchair Modifications – Fashion custom designed modifications around the specific needs of the client, including but not limited to seating components, lap trays, footplates, head rests, etc.

Wheelchair Assessment – Assess existing wheelchair set-up and provide solutions for improving functionality and safety, making adjustments and reconfiguring components. Provide referral information to seating clinic and equipment vendors when the needs or chair repairs are beyond the Center’s scope.

Tablets/Phones/Consumer Electronics– Design and install custom devices to attach cell/smart phones, iPad, tablet PCs, laptops, e-readers, etc. to wheelchairs using both commercially available and in-house manufactured solutions.

Power Wheelchair Programming – Adjust and refine electronic profiles with manufacturer controller programmer pads for safer, more responsive, and user appropriate drive settings.

Alternative Drive Controls – Explore and implement an array of possible methods to operate powered wheelchairs.

Training – Provide training to individuals, families, support staff, therapists, organizations in the operation and troubleshooting of powered mobility, proper positioning, basic adjustments, preventative maintenance and repair.

For more information about the Wheelchair Enhancement Center contact Don Fredette at 617.326.4278.

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