Many individuals with conditions similar to those of our residents come to us for wellness, socialization, physical therapy, and wheelchair seating assessment programs.

Wheelchair Enhancement Center

The Boston Home’s Wheelchair Enhancement Center opened in 2012 to extend to clients the Boston Home’s deep expertise in maximizing wheelchair functionality. The Center’s clients, who live in the community or other long term care facilities, receive customized enhancements for their wheelchairs to increase comfort and personal independence, both of which are essential to their quality of life. The Center provides cost effective solutions in a timely manner. Staff members also provide referral information to seating clinics and other therapy services for clients.

B.Fit! Day Program

The B.Fit! program is an innovative outpatient program for people with progressive neurological diseases living in the community that involves daily physical and mental exercise. For the B.Fit! program, please contact 617.326.4300.

Rehabilitation Services

The Boston Home offers on-site physical therapy and wheelchair seating assessment programs for people with progressive neurological diseseas. To learn more about our Rehabilitation services, please contact 617-326-4303.

Technology at The Boston Home

The Boston Home is known for its innovative use of technology to improve the lives of residents and day program participants. Read about our in house wheelchair workshop, partnership with MIT, and more here.