Family members join a resident for a holiday meal at The Boston Home.

Our families play an integral role in our community, involved in care plans, activities, and support groups. A staff of 200 delivers highly skilled care with warmth and creativity.

Volunteers, vendors, interns, and partner organizations — representing education, arts, and technology — help us extend our services.

Founded in 1881, The Boston Home serves adults with advanced Multiple Sclerosis and other progressive neurological diseases. Exceptional clinical care, compassion, and innovative programs have earned us the designation “Center for Excellence in Long-term Care” from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The Boston Home is the only facility of its kind in New England and only one of a handful nationwide.

The Boston Home touches the lives of thousands of people as we serve our residents, outpatients, and their families, and share our knowledge with healthcare professionals nationwide.

Our residents and outpatients are typically:

  • 58 years old on average
  • Significantly physically disabled
  • Intellectually curious
  • Seeking to live full lives not defined by their disabilities

    The Boston Home is staffed by caring professionals.