The Boston Home Welcomed MS Neurology Fellows to National Conference on Caring for Patients with Advanced Multiple Sclerosis

The Boston Home Welcomed MS Neurology Fellows to National Conference on Caring for MS STUDENTSPatients with Advanced Multiple Sclerosis.    Conference Brought Learning to Where Care is Delivered: A Nursing Home

The Boston Home brought together leading academic researchers, clinicians, and neurology fellows to explore the latest innovations in medical research and clinical practice for patients with advanced multiple sclerosis (MS) during a national educational conference on Aug. 29-30, 2016. Fellows convened at The Boston Home on the second day of the conference to learn directly from TBH staff, residents and family members.

The two-day conference, co-sponsored by The Boston Home and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS), provided the fellows who are emerging in the neurology profession with a deeper understanding of this patient population.

“What really separates this clinical conference from so many others is that it melds the latest in clinical science with the practical application of care, by bringing fellows on site to our facility and creating opportunities for interaction with MS patients,” said Marva Serotkin, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Boston Home. “The conference is an opportunity to open young neurologists’ eyes to the particular patient population that we serve and to learn from those patients.”

Sessions were led by key staff of The Boston Home, researchers from NMSS, and faculty from Johns Hopkins University, among others. Topics included cognition and mood, primary care treatment issues, spasticity management, and the impact of advanced MS on the family.

The conference is part of The Boston Home’s mission to advance standards of care for adults with progressive neurological diseases, primarily advanced MS.