Saving Energy- Aiming for NET-NEUTRAL

The Boston Home received funding from Amelia Peabody Charitable Fund and the Yawkey Foundations for a total of $130,000 to replace the chiller as a first step in upgrading the Home’s HVAC system. The upgrade is part of a multi-year capital improvement project started in 2009. That’s when The Boston Home began a series of capital improvement projects to reduce energy utilization  with a long term goal of becoming net neutral in electricity consumption. Facility Director Steve Moran started by replacing 90% of the interior and outdoor lighting fixtures and installing an energy management system and individual temperature controls in each resident’s room. Marva Serotkin notes that, “The cost savings are  impressive and we expect additional savings from future projects.”

The old chiller consumed half of all the energy used in the building. Air conditioning is critically important for the health of our residents who are sensitive to heat. The new equipment is expected to result in a 30% increase in energy efficiency. Funds are now being raised for upgrades of an air-circulation system including an Energy Recovery Ventilator.